MacOS Screen sharing - Spaces/Desktops

Screen sharing problem with Chrome on Mac OS 10.14 :
Cannot select an application window (with PowerPoint for instance) being on an other space or desktop than the one with Jitsi Meet on Chrome. Works well if both apps are on the same desktop.

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Can other macOS users reproduce this problem, using the latest Chrome version ? If so, I would suggest filing a bug report clearly indicating your macOS and PowerPoint versions too.

IIRC this is a limitation imposed by the operating system. It’s not Jitsi (nor chrome) that has that problem - firefox shows the same limitations. So the bug report should go to Apple.

Right, I tried this and I could not share applications in another workspace in GNU/Linux (Debian 10) using Firefox or Chromium.

However when using Chromium I was able to share another separate Chromium window in another workspace. Just not another application.

In Mac OS, no other separate Chrome window can be shared unless it’s on the same desktop. But another tab can be shared, whether it’s on the same wokspace/desktop or on another one.
Anyhow, a second screen can be shared with anything on it. This is the only workaround for the moment, I guess.
A strange thing happens when swiping back from another workspace/desktop to the one with Chrome whilst the Chrome screen sharing setting window is open : all the other spaces show up briefly in the window and disappear in a flash, as if the system prohibits it…
I’m on Mojave (10.14), don’t know if it’s the same on Catalina.

Eventually, I found a way to share something else than a Chrome tab or another window on the same workspace without the need of a second screen and even if it’s on another workspace.
As noticed in my previous post, all the open workspaces frames show up briefly in the sharing options window of Chrome when swiping back and forth from/to another workspace . Then just stopping the swipe (with the mouse or a trackpad) between the current space (Chrome) and the next one makes all the frames of all the open workspaces show up in the setting window and allows to select one with the keyboard arrow keys and validate the choice. But you need to make sure that the correct tab (‘Application window’) and the current window are already selected in the setting window in order to be able to use the arrow keys to selecte another window of another space. A bit tricky, but it worked for me.