macOS Catalina : Video doesn't support

Hello everybody, :slight_smile:
So I’m first here and I want tell you about my English skills. It would be terrible. Sorry.

I make a new topic here, so I can’t find a topic about this.

Before macOS Mojave has support the video device by the Jitsi desktop. I have upgraded a Macos catalina beta 6 yesterday. The Jitsi Desktop can’t find the video/camera from my MacBook Pro. iMac has same problems.

Apple Documentation


Known Issues

Something has change the video key into software. we need a update a key.

how can I solve this? thanks for everything.


Open and edit /Applications/ add NSCameraUsageDescription with some value and see whether that works and report the results so we can make the change or directly create a PR, here is, for example, one prop that is added

So, I have try edit /Applications/ add NSCameraUsageDescription.

so it doesn’t work. I haven’t solution now. how can I doing?

Can someone help me how to solve this?