Machine sizing [Scalable setup]

I see in the docs in the “scalable setup” section a part about machine sizing which states:

The Jitsi-Meet server will generally not have that much load (unless you have many) conferences going at the same time. A 4 CPU, 8 GB machine will probably be fine.
The videobridges will have more load. 4 or 8 CPU with 8 GB RAM seems to be a good configuration.

But my question is what kind of figures should I expect with this kind of setup?

As I have a project that required aprox. 50 conferences with a peak maximum of 200 users per conference. (But mostly aprox. 50-125 users per conference)

I’ve also seen the topic of rpgresearch on which he was hitting a hard limit around ~900 users.

That limit depends heavily on configuration and ratio of video senders to just receiving participants.
I am continuing to update as I scale up the single system setup in those threads so keep an eye open for any further progressions in that number. My current limit at 1,000 is due to AWS spot instance limits restricting my ability to load test at higher capacity. I’m working on that currently with trying to get more nodes to run within a spot instance.
There are a LOT of performance tuning tweaks floating around that make a big difference, but they all vary based on each individual implementation’s different use cases.
Just wanted to clarify.
When you say conferences, do you mean a single Jitsi room with all 50-125 (max 200) participants in one room? Or do you mean the whole server will have 50-125 (max 200) participants scattered across multiple rooms? If the latter, that 4 or 8 cpu setup will work fine. If the former there are some issues (if I understand correctly) with the client-side systems starting to overload on net traffic bandwidth and cpu (if more than 1 video) when you start pushing above 75 in a single room (please others correct me if I am mistaken, that has been fixed in newer versions, or there are tweaks). They previously recommended using the streaming features of Jitsi to Youtube for such large receive-only groups (for many thousands), but recent versions have had great improvements.
As for the JVB, that really does seem to cap out around 150-200 senders per server. So whether they are many in just a few rooms, or 1 in 150 rooms, that really seems to be the choking point where you need more JVB’s added to the rest.
Hope that helps a bit. Happy Jitsi-ing!

Thanks for your insights and information.

Yes it would be 50-125 (max 200) per room but with 1 streaming video and voice while the others are just listening and chatting. Like a webinar.

I also notice that your running it all on a single server. If I needed to I am able to have multiple servers running with load balancing server in front of it. But that would maybe have some issues with the Jitsi-meet instance being the load balancer between the JVB’s.