Mac Version of Jitsi-Meet?

I want to test Jitsi-Meet and develop conferencing features on my app. But I cannot find any info about setting it up on Mac. Since from what I read it seems all is Java, it should then be able to run on Mac. But couldn’t find any information.

Can someone help?

I also have a similar requirement, can any one help me with this?

You can setup a deployment on a debian based distro, make sure it works. Then you can stop jicofo or jvb and run it from your macbook configuring it to connect to the deployment and run like that.
This is what all jitsi developers do.
If you want to run it on mac, you need to find a way to run nginx and prosody there … which is not worth the effort, when you can have it running under Linux in two minutes.

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You can also consider using docker-jitsi-meet, which works fine on Docker for Mac.

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