Mac OS support

Hello, I wish to use Jitsi Meet from a Mac with Mac OS Catalina.
is Jitsi Meet working for this platform ?

I also see that you recommend Chrome while I Use mostly Safari and Firefox,

I intend to use Jitsi Meet to animate webinars that will be offered to an audience of 100 to 400 participants. Video and Keynote or Powerpoint presentations.

Any limitations I should be aware of ?
Don’t hesitate to point to an existing thread if this has been asked. I looked at the forum, but I am new here and it’s so rich I can’t search all


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It works fine on MacOS, though you really want to use Chrome. It behaves better with some corner cases that WebRTC relies on.

However, if you’re trying to communicate more or less one way to 100-400 participants, Jitsi is probably not the solution you’re looking for. You’d want to look more into livestreaming technologies that interface with YouTube or some other livestreaming backend. Jitsi is more for many-user videoconferencing, and it doesn’t scale to that many users particularly well (at least not without an awful lot of hardware and bandwidth).

I use it mostly from macOS. I use Firefox, as I don’t have Chrome. I understand that performance would be better with Chrome, but I haven’t noticed a problem (and I do not have large conferences).

Safari is, at the moment, not a good browser to use unless you want audio-only. The team is, I think, working hard on fixing this.

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The problem with Firefox is that the simulcast is not working properly - so it pushes bandwidth up rather dramatically compared to Chrome (and Chromium based browsers), which increases server bandwidth and CPU use. If it’s not an issue, it certainly works, but you really should use Chrome.