Mac OS Big Sur


I’m testing the new Mac Os Big Sur (version 11.0 Beta). And the Jitsi application does not start. An error appears.

I’m new here, can someone help to direct this issue?

Is this Jitsi Meet, the Electron client, or Jitsi, the legacy desktop client?


In user Desktop local

This is happening to me as well…any suggestions for how we get this to work with Big Sur?

Now that macOS Big Sur is final and out in the Appstore, Jitsi still cant start. Before Big Sur i used Jitsi on a daily routine. Can we expect a fix soon? :frowning: Would it help if we paste the crashlog?

Jitsi desktop is no longer being actively developed by the Jitsi team at 8x8, but by the community. Feel free to open issues on the repo and submit patches.

The telephony department of our company found a way to get Jitsi to start on macOS Big Sur. You just have to “reopen” it twice. The second time you reopen it after it crashed, it loads normally.