Lower contrast of video

Is there a way to lower the contrast of a video as a way to reduce bandwidth consumption? Lower contrast images compress at a much higher scale. We are also limit the resolution of the video, but want to take an extra step to reduce resource usage. Thank you.

We don’t have a way to lower the contrast. The video codec (vp8) adapts to the target bitrate in its own way, and in general there is no need to preprocess the image to improve encoding efficiency.


This depends on your definition of “useful”. With typical settings
senders should send a 720p, 360p and 180p stream (simulcast). You can
experiment with by adding e.g. “#config.resolution=360” to the URL
(note that this may not take effect in p2p, so you’ll need 3 or more
participants total).

The logo is a static image that is overlaid by the receiver (you’ll
notice it’s visible even when video is stopped).