Low resolution gets fixed by maximizing a person and then again in tile view

I tested multiple times this scenario: i test with multiple browsers and computers to simulate when my family will join. There are 4 concurrent users. Most of the thumbnails are 640x360 like configured, but some are at 180. When double clicking them it gets to the full screen. When I go back to tile view now the resolution becomes 640x360 for that one as well. So we have this workaround but I am wondering if i can do anything on the server side so that it can improve the quality automatically,
Thank you

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Are you using jitsi on meet.jit.si or you have your own installation?

My own, it’s happening also when I switched to a bigger machine, MBP, 8GB RAM, 8 physical threads.

Okay, others have reported this same finding. I haven’t come across a definitive fix in my reading, but you should check out this thread for some of the steps the OP took: Resolution Problem and CPU problem