Low bandwidth auto video call drop


I’m looking something like auto bandwidth set. If found low bandwidth then stop video call and audio call only enabled. Let me know can we do something like that in jitsi-meet or video-bridge?

If yes then show me the way where can we do it?

This is what Jitsi Meet does by default. It will adapt to the availabkle bandwidth and drop videos if you don’t have enough, to a point where you receive no video.

Forgot to mention: there is a “Manage Call Quality” setting which will allow you to manually change this).

@saghul according to u when jitsi meet experience low bandwidth it will drop from video to audio automatically but can be show the participants as pop your bandwidth is very low u can drop from audio to video

sorry one correction in last line it is video to audio

Not sure I understand, can you please rephrase?

@saghul as per @shashi he want something like, Due to bandwidth when jitsi stop video call any popup message enable like “Due to low bandwidth you video turnoff automatically. for enable video call you required good connections”

Ah, that! Do yeah, we have plans to do something like that, but we don’t have an ETA yet.