Lost video connection in p2p mode


We observed some strange behaviour, at first on our private Jitsi instance, but we can reproduce it on meet.jit.si as well.

  1. Participant A creates a meeting, with both audio and video enabled on the pre-meeting page.
  2. Participant B joins the meeting, with audio enabled, but video disabled on the pre-meeting page.
  3. Participant B can see and hear participant A, and participant A can hear participant B, so far so good.
  4. Now, participant B clicks on the camera button to enable their video.
  5. Participant A can now see participant B’s video, but participant B loses the video connection to participant A and can no longer see participant A’s video (but audio is unaffected).
  6. The only way for participant B to see A’s video again is to reconnect to the meeting. It doesn’t matter if participant A toggles their video off and on.

Screenshot made on participant B’s side:

This happens on CentOS Linux 8 with Google Chrome 95.0.4638.69 (fresh profile, no addons on both sides). It is not 100% reproducible, but maybe two out of three times.

Any ideas? Should I open an issue on github?

If you reproduce the problem, can you save the js console logs from both sides and send those to us?

Sure. We just reproduced it again and saved the logs on both sides:

participant_a.log (127.5 KB)
participant_b.log (128.7 KB)

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@chref Sorry to ask again, can you please test on beta.meet.jit.si? Can you reproduce there, maybe if you can again upload the logs? Thank you
There were some fixes that got in recently, that may have fixed this.

We can also reproduce it on beta.meet.jit.si. Please find the logs below:

participant_a.log (88.0 KB)
participant_b.log (89.3 KB)

@chref Thank you for the logs. We don’t see anything suspicious in the console logs and we are not able to reproduce it on macOS or Win10 so I am suspecting this bug is specific to CentOS. Can you please reproduce it on beta.meet.jit.si one more time and please save the logs that print the SDPs using the save logs option on local connection stats along with the browser console logs as before. Thank you for your patience.

Thanks for looking at the logs.
We just did another try on beta.meet.jit.si and saved both the console logs and the connection stats logs. Please find them below:

participant_a.log (86.0 KB)
participant_b.log (90.2 KB)
participant_a.json.txt (747.7 KB)
participant_b.json.txt (683.9 KB)

Just a quick follow-up: We noticed that this problem is no longer reproducible with the latest Chrome version (96.0.4664.93), and neither with the current electron client (2021.12.2).

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