Lost connection only with home wifi

Since last week, I’m always disconnected from Jitsi rooms (mobile app with Android) after a few seconds (“You’ve been disconnected”)
Problems vanishes when I use an other network than my home wifi, or mobile data.
I have a Freebox. There’s no problem with my Desktop PC, but I really need it to work with my phone.
There must be something wrong with Freebox wifi settings ?

If someone has a clue. Big thanks.


It’s difficult to say anything precise on ‘Freebox’ without being a grizzled Free engineer (if something like that actually exists) given the bewildering array of differing designs that ‘Freebox’ has covered in many years (something similar could be said about Android).
It’s a customer device and wifi configuration is (from what I have seen) utterly basic, that is, the authentication mode and not much else. Either it works and you can surf the Internet with it or it does not. It can have no impact on any particular web software.

Wifi is a standard and if you are not trying to be funny by pairing a piece of junk and a modern device, such as for example an Android 11 phone with a Freebox v5 or conversely an Android 4 with a Freebox Pop it should work. After using Wifi from a Freebox for some years I’d prefer not use it now and prefer a dedicated system for Wifi.

Thanks for answering. Well, I guess I have to search again.

When I’m at my work place (Orange wifi), Jitsi works perfectly with wifi. When I’m at home, but with mobile data instead of wifi, it works.

The problem occurs only at my home with wifi (Freebox V5), and at my parents home (tested here too with Freebox V6 wifi…).

Do you connect also with Wifi when using your PC ?

Yes, jitsi is fine with wifi from my PC.

maybe it could be interesting to look at the way you are connecting, that is using port 10000/UDP or turn (TCP/port 443). It has been said that people had problems connecting with TURN with moderately ancient Android phones because of certificates (there has been some unpleasantness with Let’sEncrypt certificates). If you connect with UDP/10000 (as is the case normally) when it works, BUT for some reason on your Freebox UDP is blocked with Wifi, this could be explained by a certificate problem on Android. This is very unlikely but that’s all I can think of for now.

I’m gonna check. Thanks for your advice.

Problem vanished since last update (21.0.0 version). Everything works now.
Thanks for help.