Losing Contol Jitsi Meet and Unwanted participant

Had someone "Unknown come onto my video meet lock myself and guests out and proceeded to display pornography over my live stream to youtube, totally unacceptable and totally sad, Really good platform but need to have control over who comes into the stream and what control they have over the meeting,

I was unable to block the person or access who the person was


Hey @davie ,

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Let’s see what we can do to make things better.

I am not familiar with your use case so not sure exactly what happened and there are a few possibilities.

  1. You were using an easy to guess meeting name

  2. You had advertised your meeting in a public space and random people could view it or find it over the web.

  3. Someone from the circle of people you trusted decided to disrupt your meeting.

  4. and 2. are easy to protect against.

  5. is trickier but not impossible.

For problems 1 and 2, the simplest thing would be to make sure that you create a meeting name that is unique and hard to just guess. Using the randomly generated 4-word names you get on meet.jit.si is one way to do that. If you want more security just generate a UUID here:


Use that UUID for your meeting name.

Make sure that the meeting name is only known to the people who will be joining you on your panel and that it is not publicly available on the internet.

If your event is recurring you may also want change the meeting venue every time you have it.

You can also set a password yourself when you join first.

For problem 3, you should start by figuring out who in your circle might have wanted to disrupt your meeting and simply not invite them in the following instances (which, as we agreed above you should keep private).

Also, remember you always keep full control of your YouTube livestream. Make sure you keep a tab open there and stop the live stream (or make it private) the minute something wrong is happening.

Does this make sense?

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