Loosing connection for more than 2 participants

Whenever a third participant joins the connection is lost. I have already checked for firewall status and added this
For two people in the meeting also there are a few errors although video call continues

  1. [modules/RTC/BridgeChannel.js] <WebSocket.e.onclose>: Channel closed: 1006
  2. [modules/connectivity/IceFailedHandling.js] <a._conference.jvbJingleSession.terminate.reason>:
    session-terminate for ice restart - error: undefined
  3. websocket connection failed
  4. Bridge Channel send: no opened channel.

It seems that your clients cannot access to JVB’s UDP/10000 and nginx cannot access to your JVB’s TCP/9090

Hey! thanks for the reply. I tested for client side connection to UDP 10000. Indeed, clients cannot access to JVB UDP 10000. But 10000/UDP status shows allowed from anywhere on my server system. I have self hosted jisti meet using the self hosting guide available on the website. How do I resolve this issue?

To support clients that cannot use UDP port 10000 then TURN (or coturn) needs to be configured - config varies dependant on NAT server-side or not. Setting up TURN · Jitsi Meet Handbook is your start point for this.