Looks like you guys might need to add an extra simple layer

I was thinking when I use to make chat clients, to stop people coming back into the room after kicking you have a ban button to a simple text blacklist file so when you ban them they auto go into the blacklist or also you can make a white list text for the room.
Ad this option to the room and it will stop trollers coming back in.
we also use to auto put there IP into the Firewall.
So if you did all 3 of there’s things you would be untouchable

I am assuming that only the one that made the room has the buttons to kick ban and so on and no one else?
it would be chaos if everyone had the right to kick lol
As I said a simple text doc whitelist worked fine for me.
There has alway always been a control panel for room owners and mods.
Use a right click method on id for options at least.
White list or black list and auto ban ip in firewall has alway been in my chat clients in the past and it’s just a very simple text doc and a small amount of code so i’m hoping you have done something like this at least or people will complain and won’t have control of the room.
I am already seeing trolling videos on youtube of trolling or hacking into a room and playing porn so lets not let Jitsi-meet be one of them.

Have you given any thought to my idea of a whitelist to the room as it will stop trolling and hacking into a room. email me to let me know what you think sirr.anton@gmail.com I have made many chat clients in the last 20 years and I know a lot about good ways to secure a chatroom and a simple text doc whitelist is the easiest way to do it, after seeing all the complaints about people messing up there meetings I decided to let you know an easy way to stop this because at this point you are wide open for trollers to hack the room and play porn as I have seen on youtube a simple method like mine is needed and you have plenty of room to develop this. Get it out there fast as I will be also using jitsi meet soon. In the admin section put this whitelist and also you can have a Moderator list which only the room owner and Mods would have the buttons to ban or kick mute or unmute. I am surprised this has not been addressed yet its a very simple option and very needed. thank you from Anton. also sent to 8x8.