Looking to reduce corporate/VPN blocking of our Jitsi instance


I have a customised Jitsi instance I use to run ~24 simultaneous conferences. One main server and a system to scale a quantity of videobridges as required. All works nicely for most users.

However, we have problems with the conference not loading when people run VPNs, antivirus, or join from corporate hardware/environments. It’s hard to pinpoint the problems because I am a few steps back from this and I get a lot of “it doesn’t work” but with no opportunity to study the logs etc.

I am wondering if anyone can advise on steps to take to improve common issues with VPN/antivirus/corporate blocking of Jitsi. I appreciate it will be different for every environment (our users come from all sorts of places) but if I have taken steps to minimise any potential red flags that will be helpful.

If anyone has experience with this matter, I’d appreciate a private message or a post on here.

Many Thanks


The first thing that comes to my mind when you mention corporate is turnserver … do you have turnserver configured? Not sure about VPN, but I suspect that the same rules apply here … and turnserver will also help. There is nothing we can do about antivirus though.
But the easiest solution for those problems if the firewall and VPN rules can be altered is to allow bridge addresses and connections to port udp 10000 in the corporate firewall and to make sure that VPN does not route traffic to jvb address udp port 10000 over the VPN connection, but uses the internet of the clients and directly connecting to it.

Thank you very much for your help, I will look into that. Much appreciated!

Hi L-wo

Did you managed go fix the issue?