Looking to pay for a fix to Share audio with application window

We need a fix for the issue as described here:

Specific requirements is to be able to share audio the same way Zoom does… whether I’m sharing screen or not, and also from any app, not just web browser.

If you have the skill set / expertise, please contact me immediately.
Samples of work will be required. Code must be turned around in 3 weeks or less.

Just a note, that these fixes need to go in the browser itself, and if you want them distributed to the public need to wait for that Chrome version to be released and updated on client machines.

Sorry, I’m not an avid Jitsi-meet user / developer so I’ll need some clarification. Am I hearing correctly that the root cause of the issue is really a Chrome problem vs. some logic / limitation in the Jitsi-meet code base itself?

This is a limitation coming from Chrome and I don’t have the bugs reports handy, but it also comes from the OS and how they manage permissions … so its a very complicated topic, and there is nothing we can do about it.
A workaround is an external software, virtual sound device doing the job.

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Thanks for clarification.

on windows machines, we use an app called “Virtual Cable” to achieve that… You can set your sound output to Vcable-in and use the Vcable-out as a microphone in Jitsi-meet

There are even ways to pipe multiple sound sources in Vcable but I have not tried that

@Normand_Nadon. Thanks for the tip! Just wondering, is this the app you’re referring to?

I’d like to test it out. If you have any other comments / suggestions / advice, I’m all ears! Thanks again for your time and consideration.

Wow your link looks shady! :smiley:

No, I was using this one: https://vb-audio.com/Cable/
There is a version that is a driver only, if you need only one “path”
There is another version that is more like a “virtual sound board” where you can pipe multiple input to multiple outputs. I did not try the latter as the driver was enough for our needs.

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