Looking for Step by Step Guide - Setup Jitsi Meet client for on premise installation

Dear folks,

I did my own local hosted Jitsi server installation.

Great piece of software!

It´s a single server installation on Debian supported by nginx web server.
System is internal and external accessable via something like https://jitsi.mydomain.com and works absolutly fine.

Authentification is enabled and work also fine.

So I register new user accounts by

sudo prosodyctl register NAME jitsi.mydomain.com PASSWORD

On corporate and local (Debian) firewalls ports 80/tcp, 443/tcp, 4443/tcp and 10000/udp are open.

However I am not able to connect via Jetsi Meet client software.

I try to use client software under Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS.

Even though I was looking I unfortunaly could not find any step by step guide for connecting Jisti Meet client to on premise installation.

How can I set up the corporate FQDN, account name, password?

Which typ of network (XMPP, SIP, ippi)?

Thank you for your valuable support.


You are mixing Jitsi Meet and the Jitsi Desktop legacy client. For desktop just open the URL you have configured jitis-meet to serve and make sure you had port forwarded the ports to the server.

Thank you for replying to my question.

As you see in deed I am confused.

What is Jitsi Desktop client for?

Is it not good for using video conferencing with Jitsi Meet Server?

Please apologize my cluelessness.

This is a desktop SIP and XMPP client which is the old desktop client and is now community supported … You can see on the top of every page there is a banner saying that if you are looking for Jitsi Meet it is not there :slight_smile:
For the desktop client you need sip or xmpp server/service yo use it with.
For video conferencing, you are looking for jitsi-meet - https://jitsi.org, you can use your browser to access it, you can try it on https://meet.jit.si.

That’s great!

I am so grateful for your support on Sunday.

Now I know that I don’t need the Jitsi desktop client.

Browser access works fine for me.

The only question left is the smartphone app (Andriod and iOS).

Sadly, I am not yet able to connect even though I enter the URL.

Do you have a tip? Or is there a description?

Just enter the meet.jit.si link in the mobile browser and it should offer it to download/open the mobile app.

The mobile apps if you enter a roomname it will connect by default to meet.jit.si but if you put in the URL https://mydeployment.com/somemeeting name will use your deployment entering room with name somemeeting.

Thank you again.

I guess this is my problem.

I can not connect to jitsi with the Android app - Install & Config - Jitsi Community Forum - developers & users

I try to fix it.