Looking For Someone to configure Jigasi with IVR

Hello Everybody,

I am making first experiences with Jitsi for some weeks now.
But I am having trouble with configuring Jigasi and IVR / SIP.
So I am watching out for someone who can configure this setup for us.
And, of course, document it, so we can configure it afterwards on our production environment.
So far, I can make outgoing Calls and incoming calls to the channel defined in Jigasi Conf.

What my customer wants is some “Skype for Business”-like dial-in setup.

Other Requirements are:
Token Authentication for all Users
Internal Plain Password for Jigasi
Token Moderation Plugin
(All of it working so far)


We can help you with the dial-in setup. Where do you have the PBX setup? Is it on-premise or a hosted solution like voximplant?
We can help you with any other requirement as well.
Please give us your email to send you more details or contact us at support@telzee.io

Team Telzee


Our PBX setup is currently asterisk with FreePBX on a dedicated machine, but we are also open for voximplant. I will also contact via mail.


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hello @kornkalle I can help you if its paid work; I am an expert looking for work! Please share your email/skype and we can take it from there;

I need the same done. Skype: bsmith.84

hi, I sent you a PM

I sent you a PM