Looking for multiple screenshots of the new jitsi-desktop client


For a long time, I was using the “old” version for years of jitsi (dont remember the version).
I downloaded and installed the lastest version, this fails, not giving a reason!
But the old startmenu entry (I am under windows (W7) is usable
and something starts and appears - but I am speculating, it is
the old version, just it looks exactly like that, what I rememberd
to use in the past, BUT: It shows the new version number!
The documentaion, just from my point of view, is not really
great and even dont show you how it looks - but makes
probably more marketshare?
My sound devices are not recognized too - this was working well before.
Would be happy about some hints.

Thanks anyway,

[Using “Windows Server 2008 R2”, compatible to Windows7]

There may be confusion about the different desktop applications.

The (very) old Jitsi Desktop client is a multi protocol messenger but it had no releases since 2017.

Today people usually refer to Jitsi Meet Desktop when they mention the “Desktop App”.