Looking for help with a robust, scalable Jitsi setup

We’re an established education technology company in the UK, and we’re planning to integrate Jitsi into our existing product. We’re looking for help setting up and running the Jitsi infrastructure to support our user base, and trying to find the best way to do this.
We’re considering building a scalable Jitsi deployment ourselves on AWS, or alternatively we could work with an experienced provider and use their UK based infrastructure. We also are likely to need some technical assistance as we build our software.
If you think you can help us build the infrastructure ourselves or you’re a company who could provide us with access to an existing robust Jitsi deployment, please get in touch.
Anthony Wright.

Hello Anthony,

We can provide end-to-end support for your requirement. Our team has done more than 70+ projects till date based on Jitsi only. so, We can confidently help you for the same,

We have also a readymade solutions for education. Let me share with a private message.


Hi Bhawin,

Thanks for getting in touch, unfortunately we would be just interested in help with Jitsi rather than your product. Would it be possible to arrange a call at some point to talk over the project?

We’re a fairly technical company, but we’re new to Jitsi. We have an existing product that automates lots of administration functions in schools, one of which is parents evening booking. Schools in the UK are moving to telephone or video conference based parents evening, and we’d like to add the ability to do that from within our system. Jitisi is currently the most likely system for us to use, and we’ve got things working on a test system, but we’re concerned about how the system will scale as we have no experience of running Jitsi, and it needs to be reliable as we will have a large number of very short meetings in a short space of time.

A typical parents evening would be 2000 meetings, each around 5 minutes long in a 4 to 5 hour time period per school, so roughly 40 meetings running at any one time but with just two attendees (possibly three or four in exceptional cases).

I’d be happy to look at two potential approaches, option one would be you help us set up our own AWS based Jitsi deployment and we pay you for your time to do that, alternatively option two would be you setup and run a UK based Jitsi AWS deployment and we pay you for the use of that. We might also appreciate some help if we have problems with Jitsi, and we’d be happy to pay for your time such circumstances.

From what I can tell about you, my guess is that we’re more likely to go with option one, as I’d have some concerns about your ability to support the system, the timezone differences and complying with EU GDPR regulations.

What do you think?



Sent you a PM; I can help you with this level of scaling!

Hi there I am looking for some help with scaling jitsi. If i could get some assistance that would be great

Sent you a PM @badirdev1