Looking for expert Jitsi consultant

We’re looking for a Jitsi expert to advise us how best to architect a product where the user interacts with up to 50 users simultaneously over video/audio. The product needs to function on both mobile and desktop. We’re a well-funded startup willing to pay a competitive consulting fee.

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We can offer you complete solution, we also provide complex solution to many org, school and colleges with upto 2000 simultanious users and upto 10 JVB’s.

We’ve our own flutter app built on top of flutter and integrated with Jitsi SDK.

And last thing is that we can provide you most affordable and highly scalabble SERVERS with complete installation.

Let us know if interested or want to get free demo at cloud@dartnet.dev.



We provide commercial support and services for Jitsi. We can customize and scale jitsi according to your needs. For more information please send us an email at hello@meetrix.io and we will get back to you.

Check our website as well https://meetrix.io/

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Hi @Ryan_Beswick
Your requirement is to run simultaneous 3 or 4 conferences and to have about 50 users in each conference. Isn’t it? We can handle it from horizontal and vertical load balancing. What we have to do is, set up an extra JVB than the current JVB. Then to enable OCTO, after that it’ll be settled down. If you need to more details then please shoot a email. akalana.nipuna@gmail.com and for more detials please have a look. https://www.linkedin.com/in/nipuna-akalana-perera/

Dear Ryan,

We are a company who provides services and solutions related to real time communication. We have delivered many solutions keeping jitsi as the base for more than 3 years now.

Going for a more robust solution both scaling and making the solution highly available is key. To handle more parallel conferences, horizontally scaling the jitsi’s main component i.e. jitsi video bridge is essential and deploying across multiple shards will ensure the setup is highly available

We can rely on the default jitsi mobile apps and electron for the desktop. They could be customized to achieve custom solutions.

We can discuss more via a call. Please reach out to us via support@telzee.io for more details and past projects done by us.

Looking forward for your response!

Team Telzee

Hi, how can we have a chat regarding a possible collaboration ?

We are giving consultacy, installation, integration and customisation services for Jitsi and very excited to work on your project.



Hi Umit,

Can you share your email id?



Hi Umit,

Can you share your email id?