Looking for developers to configure and customize jitsi

We are from telecommunication company in Indonesia and now developing a video conference application for our customers.
Since the participants now are keep increasing, we need to be able to :

  1. Limit the conference duration of a particular room.
  2. Limit the number of users who are able to connect to our service domain.
  3. Improve the user experience when network quality on client side is degrading. So instead of forcing the client to reconnect, is better to stop video streaming and keep the audio quality acceptable, so the particular user is still able to follow the on going conferences.

So we need developers and engineers to solve the problems by making sure our jitsi installation is ok, configure them if required and if needed, customise the platform / app. Please send us an email to ecazzura@gmail. Thank you.


I will reach you through your email

Team WebRTC Expert