Looking for developer to install scalable Jitsi on Debian 11

Looking for developer to install manually scalable Jitsi on Debian 11 with token authentication

What this means that the requirement is that the Jitsi (with token authentication) should be installed on 3 similar virtual machines in the Hetnzer cloud. They should all take the load from one domain. If the load increases so much, that all of the 3 virtual machine CPU load is 100%, then I could manually add more servers for example just creating a new server from ready made Image, maybe changing some settings and then putting it to private network and it would start taking CPU load from the main domain.

So for this task there are 3 requirements_

  1. Install Jitsi on Debian 11
  2. Install token authentication
  3. Install so that the jitsi system scales to 3 servers and uses all their resources if there are enough users same time. Create instructions for the IT guy how to add more servers.

If you are interested of creating this, please let me know.

We sent you a DM. Kindly refer to that and reach us for more clarifications.
Thank you.

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Team Meetrix.

@anaconda - I have sent you a DM

Hi @anaconda

I sent you a DM


We suggest you go for an auto-scalable solution where new servers would spin up from preconfigured images when CPU load is high. But you have to consider two more points.

  1. We need to watch out for bandwidth utilization as it would be a limiting factor in most servers
  2. It’s better to not wait until the server capacity reaches 100% which would be too late, so we should start spinning up new servers somewhere around 70 - 80 % capacity.

We like to help you out here. We will send more details via DM. Look forward to connecting with you soon.

Team Telzee