Looking for developer to embed Videobridge into a website and add some other features


I am looking for help to install videobridge onto my website along with document share and emoji share that can be controlled by each member of multiple real time chat rooms. I have a powerpoint approximation of what I am looking for. We are pre-revenue and looking for a reasonably-priced development. I have a dedicated service with Red5 installed but not configured. This application will be hosted on our website, but needs to be viewable on PCs, tablets, cell phones, etc by anyone having an account who is logging on to our site. Please email me at annegrunberg@yahoo.com if you are interested. If this request violates any rules, please delete. Thanks.


Hi @AnneMarie ,

We, meetrix.io provide Jitsi installation, Customization and Hosting Services. Please shoot an email to hello@meetrix.io, we might be able to help you with this.
– Cheers