Looking for dev - custom web & desktop client - paid work


We are looking for a dev who could help us with the following:

Jitsi server

  • install of Jitsi on our own servers
  • customize branding
  • TBC - single guest user access / account management / groups of users

Both jitsi web & desktop

  • customize branding / make adjustment to the UI
  • enable all user screen-share simultaneously + all users camera at full size (not single feed PIP)
  • enable user camera at 720p / 1080p with high quality bitrate webrtc
  • add SRT video stream support to our own SRT ingest servers (for high quality video up to 20+mbt/s)
  • add support to allow remote control of camera settings
  • add support to allow remote control of audio settings
  • add some other visual elements in the call window TBC

Jitsi desktop

  • add support to proprietary IP video library (to take jitsi camera/audio feeds from individual callers, and share as IP video stream on local network, same for screen-shares)
  • some other items we need to discuss if feasible.

Work will be paid on delivered milestones.
NDA required.


Hello Sir,
I am Jitsi expert with big experience making projects with Jitsi, Big Blue Button and Green Light.
I read your project description, and can implement it.

Previously I did a lot of Jitsi and BBB configurations.

You can see project for schools, it’s Big Blue Button with Green Light integration: https://live03.edu.org.kz/b

It’s in Russian, but you can open it in Google translate.

Also, you can see customized Jitsi with our branding and authentication: https://live06.edu.org.kz/b
Can provide access if you want to test it.

I can setup any design configuration of Jitsi, also, if you will have some questions, can provide consultation on how you can optimize and improve Jitsi to increase productivity.

I have a team, if needed to scale development process or to make big projects, I can attract more people and arrange everything.

What is your budget?

Can sign NDA, no problem.

Kamil Idrissov

Hi Tim,
I am happy to take this project up, as this should be possible to implement and well within my skill set.
You can reach me on andrew.johnson56782@gmail.com
Best Wishes and Have a great day,

sending you all a PM!

Hi Tim,

We are a company specialized in offering solutions for the enterprise, we are based out of india. If you need any assistance please let me know. We have setup a demo site for you to check https://meet.eblucare.com . Please contact me at dinesh@bmsmartware.com;

We can sign NDA and any other agreements required.



We would be able to support you with Jitsi installations and support services. Please drop us a mail hello@meetrix.io

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.