Looking for dev - custom web & desktop client - paid work


We are looking for a dev who could help us with the following:

Jitsi server

  • install of Jitsi on our own servers
  • customize branding
  • TBC - single guest user access / account management / groups of users

Both jitsi web & desktop

  • customize branding / make adjustment to the UI
  • enable all user screen-share simultaneously + all users camera at full size (not single feed PIP)
  • enable user camera at 720p / 1080p with high quality bitrate webrtc
  • add SRT video stream support to our own SRT ingest servers (for high quality video up to 20+mbt/s)
  • add support to allow remote control of camera settings
  • add support to allow remote control of audio settings
  • add some other visual elements in the call window TBC

Jitsi desktop

  • add support to proprietary IP video library (to take jitsi camera/audio feeds from individual callers, and share as IP video stream on local network, same for screen-shares)
  • some other items we need to discuss if feasible.

Work will be paid on delivered milestones.
NDA required.


Hello Sir,
I am Jitsi expert with big experience making projects with Jitsi, Big Blue Button and Green Light.
I read your project description, and can implement it.

Previously I did a lot of Jitsi and BBB configurations.

You can see project for schools, it’s Big Blue Button with Green Light integration: https://live03.edu.org.kz/b

It’s in Russian, but you can open it in Google translate.

Also, you can see customized Jitsi with our branding and authentication: https://live06.edu.org.kz/b
Can provide access if you want to test it.

I can setup any design configuration of Jitsi, also, if you will have some questions, can provide consultation on how you can optimize and improve Jitsi to increase productivity.

I have a team, if needed to scale development process or to make big projects, I can attract more people and arrange everything.

What is your budget?

Can sign NDA, no problem.

Kamil Idrissov

Hi Tim,
I am happy to take this project up, as this should be possible to implement and well within my skill set.
You can reach me on andrew.johnson56782@gmail.com
Best Wishes and Have a great day,

sending you all a PM!

Hi Tim,

We are a company specialized in offering solutions for the enterprise, we are based out of india. If you need any assistance please let me know. We have setup a demo site for you to check https://meet.eblucare.com . Please contact me at dinesh@bmsmartware.com;

We can sign NDA and any other agreements required.



We would be able to support you with Jitsi installations and support services. Please drop us a mail hello@meetrix.io

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

We build solutions for small business and integrating Jitsi in our own application (opus1.io) feel free to reach out to me if you development work sam@opus1.io we are in Palo Alto California.

can anybody make Jitsi work 100% on firefox and safari and all android & ios mobiles/tablets/ipads and all combinations of devices and browsers? And I mean 100%.

@thedonofdon replied “ Yes, it can be made work the way you want; just that it would cost you a fortune “ but his reply has now gone.

Does anybody take this subject seriously? A solution as complex and amazing as jitsi, but nobody seems to think that making it work on all browsers and devices is important. Why?

If you think jitsi on all browser types and all devices is important then please like this post. Lets get some strong interest in this matter.

I am fully aware of all the commercial products out there. and whilst I know each browser comes with webrtc issues, the commercial products prove it is possible.

Yes, commercial products have investments, do you have those kind of investments? I am ready to make the changes;

how many days development/testing effort would it be?

@dinid , I have the need for customization the Jitsi web platform. let me know if you can work on it?

Look at videomeet.in website , or videomeet apps , we can do similar stuff for you.