Looking for code-reviewers


Hello, the Jitsi Team,

In the past month I’ve done some contributions to ice4j which slightly reduced number of alive threads inside videobridge process.

I’ve done so to:

  1. Get immediate videobridge performance gain.
  2. Simplify further performance optimizations with profiler. With small number of threads it’a easier to find bottleneck to fix it.

I’d like to say very big thank you to Brian Baldino, Paweł Domas, Boris Grozev, Ingo Bauersachs, Saúl Ibarra Corretgé who has already reviewed my requests!

I have several more pull requests created and many more planned which I wanted to propose to upstream projects and want them being reviewed.

I feel like I’ve bombarded Brian with messages on GitHub to review my requests and he is likely to be busy with his own work and don’t have no more time for performing reviews.

So, I’m looking for volunteers from Jitsi Team who is now available for performing code review in ice4j, libjitsi and jicoco repositories.

If there is anyone who has time for reviewing pull requests, could you please have a look at these:

  1. ice4j/#155
  2. ice4j/#157
  3. libjitsi/#445
  4. jicoco/#39

I’m ready to hear feedback and implement any additional changes to make pull request acceptable to merge.
If it is not a proper place to raise such questions, please let me know.

That you very much in advance to everyone,