Looking for an experienced Jitsi architect / engineer for setup and customization work

Hi Jitsi Community:
We’re a new startup and are looking into an a/v peer-to-peer and mid-size to large-size group video-conferencing capabilities to be integrated within our application and we consider Jitsi to be a good fit to achieve those requirements. We’d be starting jitsi integration work early Jan, 2021. However, to help us with that effort, we’re looking for an experienced engineer/architect who’d be assisting with:

  • Install and configure all the relevant Jitsi components on-prem as well as in the cloud. (single instance or as a cluster)
  • Provide a scalable solution that can handle hundred’s of concurrent HQ video sessions.
  • Enable secure access to jitsi sessions (via JWT tokens or other mechanism)
  • Provide server-side webhooks that’ll allow for capturing session data - begin/end timestamps, participants, shared contents, etc.
  • Record audio/video sessions to specified storage solution
  • UI/UX customizations such as:
    • Enable auto-sharing documents/videos/tab without having to manually share them.
    • Branding
    • Create Waiting Rooms

Those are just some of the roadmap items that need to be sorted out in the next 3-6 months and as we continue to build out the solution, there’d be more jitsi server-side as well as UX customizations needed.
If you’re an experienced Jitsi engineer/architect who can work with us on a contract or contract-to-hire basis, please feel free to contact either of us: