Looking for a Video recording from jitsi and save it into s3

We have installed jitsi on our ec2 instance and we are using using it in for our web app and flutter app. We want to enable call recording functionality from our web app and mobile app. We want to save recorded videos in our s3 bucket. In summary, specific freelancer needs to cover following points :

  1. Install Jibri and make sure that recording will happen.

  2. Save recorded video in s3 bucket.

  3. We want ability to specify s3 bucket name, path to save recording, etc. all types of options from our code.

  4. We want callback of recorded video with s3 url.

  5. Multiple recording should happen at a same time. For example : If we are running 2-3 different meetings at a same time, then recording should work properly for all the meetings.

  6. Do not break our existing working jitsi installation and it’s functionality.

I have sent you a DM

Hello, I have the same problem
Did you solve the problem,
Can you share the solution for me?
Thanks for help

You can upload the recorded video to S3 using awscli in finalize_script

Sorry, I can’t understand finalize_script.
We’er using the command( which means startRecording) to record meeting,
Maybe there’s a better way to do it, but I don’t know.
Could you give me some advice?
thanks for help

It’s possible to set a finalize script in jibri.conf. This script will be triggered when the recording is finished. You can put any code in this script like “aws s3 sync” etc