Looking for a technical co-founder to create a Jitsi-based product


I and another co-founder are looking for an architect/developer with extensive knowledge & experience of Jitsi to help scope and potentially prototype a new low latency, interactive product aimed at the music industry.

We are currently demonstrating demand for the product simply by using a popular off-the-shelf video conferencing solution, however some significant user experience and business model constraints exist without the bespoke features that we will be building into the new product.

This is a CTO role and will initially involve reviewing the feature set that we believe the product needs, and to provide a cost estimate and delivery plan for the minimum viable product. It may also involve prototyping some of the key features for demonstration purposes.

We will then take the business case to the investment community and once the first round of funding is secured, the role will become paid. From this point onwards the role will require the oversight and involvement in the product development and management of the development team.

The role includes an equity stake - founders will receive a stake commensurate to the effort and value that each brings.

If it sounds of interest then please e-mail c_j_gage@hotmail.com.



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