Looking for a talented Jitsi developer


Hi there - we are a cloud based conferencing service with our own engine and application looking to integrate Jitsi in to our service - it would be great to meet someone who has the bandwidth to help with the integration. Many thanks - exciting times! Jonathan


We, meetrix.io provide custom jitsi-meet services and might be able to work on this. Please shoot an email to hello@meetrix.io with the requirement.
– Cheers


Thanks Jay - I have emailed separately.

I look forward to hearing.



Hi Jonathan,

At https://webrtc.ventures/ we also have experience integrating Jitsi. We are experts building custom video and voice applications. Feel free to reach us filling this form: https://webrtc.ventures/contact



At Lindeas.com we mostly do installation and support, but we also have experience with integrating JitsiMeet into WordPress portal websites. Please feel free to write contact@lindeas.com.


Hi Jonathan,
We also have experience in Jitsi projects, maybe we can do more than you want ,
Feel free to contact us: frank@onestar.io .

Have a good day!