Looking for a skilled resource with Jitsi Infrastructure & Developer expertise

Hello All,

We are looking for a Jitsi expert that can help us sort out understanding around infrastructure and lare deployments, I.e.

  • Help understand successful large-scale (geo/distributed) Jitsi-based solutions/deployments, and verified techniques utilized

• Provide information on technologies and techniques for large-scale meetings test load simulations, for stress/performance and capacity testing for a large-scale deployment

• Guidance on optimizing deployment of Jitsi technology - VM types and machine resources best for each server application, Kubernetes scaling strategy, optimizations specific to Cloud platform types

• Guidance on most efficient configuration and technologies for use in network infrastructure, geographic distribution, firewall traversal, options or benefits from utilizing content delivery networks

• Advise the team on benefits of existing Jitsi technology and other open-source integration options that have not yet been utilized in the Meetings products

• Advise the team on best operational practices for a Jitsi-based solution, including provisioning, monitoring, alerting, compliance, privacy, etc.

• Advise on how others have solved issues like Memory/CPU consumption

• Input on improvements that can be made to Meetings product around the following:

  •  Need for individual recorder nodes per meeting

  • Large attendance

  • Distributed failover

  • Minimize footprint

Hi @jjrnorman, I have sent you a DM for further discussion. Please check it out.


Hi Joseph,
We sent you a DM. Kindly check it out.
Thank you.

@jjrnorman - I have sent you a DM