Looking for a run down of what's all needed to get started

Hello, new to Jitsi and out of date with my coding skills and such, i do want to attempt relearning whats needed atleast to get a final result of what i am wanting out of a group video chat. Basing off of this… “Is developer-friendly - Modify and customize it to your heart’s content. It’s 100% open source.” …I’m wanting to know, what all it would take to completely be able to run an edited to my liking chat online for the world to visit.
I have no server of my own and no money at this moment in life so i’m also looking for options that consist of much time and mind labor rather than cost of funding. I am still going through and reading various topics and also watching videos. I also seen the github page of the downloads but that jut felt very confusing to me and i did not know what to download or what means what exactly. And so far haven’t found any tutorials as to what i am aiming for exactly.

I know i will need a free website, free hosting, free online server <<If all this is possible. But will it be possible to totally rearrange how the video conference works, like making the YouTube Player work differently, adding more user options, making sign in capabilities along with guests, making cams rearrangable and resizable, changing how the chatlog/texting interface works all together. Stuff like that, i am just wondering if anyone is knowledgeable enough to direct me in the right paths for getting started and a run down of what all is needed within the basics. And any tips on if what i am wanting to change within the group video chat is even possible, also which one i will need to download and how to go about doing all of that. Sounds like alot but i’m sure to someone here who knows and has done it before could lead me onto success! :wink: :evergreen_tree: Together we can grow, knowledge is power.
(any information you may need to help you better understand what i mean or are using, feel free to ask and i will provide if possible.) If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

        ~ Green ~