Looking for a Jitsi developer who can setup our virtual parties of VICE

Every Friday we are hosting ‘Isolation Raves’ in our Club in Amsterdam, together with VICE. People can join the rave from their home through Zoom, normally we have around 100-200 participants online at the time. More info see our website www.clubinthe.cloud

Since we want to create the full experience on our own website (instead of linking to the Zoom app) and because of the privacy breach of Zoom, we would like to see if the video calling experience can run on Jitsi.

I’m looking for a developer who can help us setup our virtual parties from our website, where our virtual visitors can video calll together to party!

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I just wanted to state that VICE magazine Germany ain’t sh*te. Will recommend your online parties.
Homer, DE


Jitsi is not ideal for situations where you have more than 25 participants with video on in a single meeting. But if your users are spread across multiple meetings with less than 25 participants in each, then jitsi would be ideal to handle this.
Seeing your requirement, I believe jitsi is not the ideal solution.

If you want to know more details please send us an email at support@webrtcexpert.com

Team WebRTC Expert

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Thank you for your reaction. More than 25 with the Jitsi Videobridge isn’t an option?

haha let me know, would be great to add them, crossposting the stream on their channels!

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I did not mean that. A video bridge can accomodate a lot more than that. It’s just that if the users per single meeting is more than 25 participants the users start to feel some performance issues since the bandwidth usage is high on clients end. You can have multiple meetings with less than 25 participants in each. Hope you understand what I said.

Team WebRTC Expert

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…awride will tell you and ask anybody who will participate in partying.

There ain’t no better way to Party nowadays…funny now the nerds are “in” who know how to use a Computer & Internet;-)

Hope that will last!
Maybe this is also something for people that can not leave clinics or so…wil l ASK a relative…M.D.

sincere regards from munich, DE

Hello Team web RTC expert,
thanks for explaining.
The bottle neck is on the jitsi end.
But it can “multitask”
So multiple meetings would be the solution if one should want to and insist in using Jitsi.

It ain’t no Video bridge after all which would be a different technology. Thanks, very interesting. (Will Hang out in my bikes now). You should hold lessons, but Jitsi is a very solid Kind of seal for your CV and End to end i find not so important but people (especially women ?) love that and it’s not expensive anymore.

Homer, special agent

working on a similar concept, best if we could connect and talk it through
skype: eyetdev
email: fahad@penandweb.com

@Tijn I can help you if its paid work; I am an expert looking for work! Please share your email/skype and we can take it from there;