Looking for a contractor for a multi zones multi JVB setup


we are looking for a contractor to advise us and help us finalizing the setup of a complex multi JVB with multiple config.

Our configuration runs on AWS.



Are you looking to scaling Jitsi cloud architecture? I want to understand your requirements.


We have delivered scalable solutions to serve large traffic using multiple shards of jitsi servers with jitsi video bridge to autoscale(in aws) in each shard. To achieve high availability we have used route53 to resolve into HAProxy based geolocation and then to forward the request to jitsi server with Jicofo, Prosody and Nginx components. Jicofo will be configured to balance the load between the jitsi video bridge servers in the shard.
We have also used Octo to achieve geo distribution. Please drop us an email at support@telzee.io

Team Telzee

Could you fix buttons and links on your site ? None of them seem to work, I tried both Firefox and Chromium from current Debian 10.

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We are still putting up the site. Thanks for informing us. The links and buttons should work soon. :wink:

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