Logo (Watermark) size

I am trying to resize the watermark, and i cant find any mention of the size 70x by 140px which is what the size appears to be. Where could i go to edit it? I look all around all.css and I cant for the life of me find it. Thanks!

… .watermark{position:absolute;top:15;width:465px;height:185px; …

Hi, I tried changing .watermark, watermark-left etc… The logo does change but there is max-width 140px, max-height 70px which doesn’t show up on the search I’m doing on all.css. Thus I can’t change the logo size to desired size… Help is appreciated… Thanks…

@jlizzotte04, @Seferi

It’s much easier (and safer from an upgrade standpoint) to add your own CSS and override the styles you want.

Check out this post that will provide you with the path forward: