Logo on front page

I would like to remove the Logo top left of Jitsi.org and replace it with my URL or just have nothing there and will it come back on an update? I’m guessing it will.
I know its a simple job of editing the home page but is it as easy as it seems?
So is there an easy way to do this?
I do make HTML5 websites so I know a few things but I don’t want break something doing this:slight_smile: )
To be honest I dislike the way I am paying a lot of money for a project and jitsi.org is on the front page and in the chatroom so I’m effectively giving them free advertising and that’s not on.

Most of those you can configure in interface_config.js on your deployment.

Can I ask, who are you paying for jitsi? This is free and open source project and everyone can download it and install it for free.

Thanks for the info :wink:

The main reason I don’t want the logo on every page/room is that I’m making a company in my companies name so the last thing I wanted is a different logo for my users to see.
I will be paying a lot on the hosting provider and URLs and websites for this project so I sort of feel like they’re getting free advertising from my special service. I know 100’s of open source projects that do not do it.
They should give owners an option for this I think just for people like me, I know it sounds odd being open source but it would be great to have an option like that.
I have also been told by users that use it that it is annoying.
I have also been told by owners like me that it’s annoying as well so at least it’s not just me.

Many thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

You can check the logo to your own custom logo in the interface_config file in your jitsi-meet installation.

I think there is nothing to feel annoyed about, you are essentially using the build for free. If you dont like messing around with the code, then in the images folder, there is watermark.png file, replace it with your logo.
However that will not replace the link, the right way to do it is in the interface_config.js file.

Many thanks :slight_smile:
I know I should.t mown about such a small thing and I am proud to be using/ part of jitsi as it is the best free project out there.
I will just remove it with no logo because the website gateway to it has all the info on it.
ill post it when its done so everyone can see it soon i hope :slight_smile:
thank you and take care in these times.