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Hi everyone,

the whole Logo discussion reminds me of my first attempt to set up an IT company some 5 years ago. We had lengthy discussions about whether the logo should be like this or that or the font should be Arial or Walbaum ... instead of discussion what was the Task of The Day: how to aquiring clients. Logically, we didn't get far that way.

Having learned this the rather hard way: Focus on the necessary, avoid discussions that despite being passion and fun, don't take us further.

Where are we: Jitsi - to name the new baby by its name is becoming full age and can act like an adult.
The product might still have some glitches we all know of, but it is usable by end users and - in my mind, better than competing products were in their 1.0 stages. (I remember Gnomemeeting/Ekiga and Linphone which I followed and use(d) ),

There is a new name which a) one can remember b) doesn't sound strange c) doesn't mean stupid things in other languages (EN, DE, ES - I suppose FR and the slawic languages as well - what's missing; arab, chinese...)

There is a logo which has been around for a while and got mindshare in small but fine community

What should be next?

Make noise to get the world to know that there is Jitsi - which is at least as good as Skype, but better :slight_smile: and free and secure (anti spy, anti wiretap)

Set up a website for "consumer" users showing the advantages and basic use of the product. (not only for us techies) I can help - if necessary. (even translate into German - maybe Spanish)

Get onto the mayor Linux distributions

Get coverage the important Linux Websites all over the world.

Don't forget the Windows guys and Mackies :slight_smile: (I don't do Windows nor MacOS - so I don't know where they congregate :slight_smile: )

If there is the next article in your newspaper on how wonderful Skype or ISDN is (or in general on VoIP) - write a user comment with a link on jitsi.org

Organize an event at release date which can be put into the calendars of mayor FOSS websites...

If you're in an LUG or other computer club - make a presentation... (if not: act as test partner for someone presenting - to appear on the screen, greet and smile - especially impressive if you're in another part of the world than the presenter :slight_smile: )

I'm writing an article in ubuntuusers.de (in German) - perhaps anyone with the language skills can help me (gibt es jemanden, der mir bitte dabei helfen kann den Artikel zu verbessern :slight_smile: - der Artikel ist hier http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Baustelle/SIP-Communicator ) Maybe someone wants to do the same in other languages...

What do you think?


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Hey Conrad, Valentin, На 28.01.11 00:32, Conrad Beckert написа: > Hi, > > not at all wanting to demotivize anyone involved into the finding > process for a new Logo. > > But, what's wrong with the current logo? There is nowhere the word > "SIP-Communicator" in it. Hmmm ... personally I seem to be finding the idea quite appealing. It would allow us to keep most of the stuff where we've used it (like the SIP Communicator sports jackets that we got made). Besides, as you point out, we could always change it later on and keeping the old logo would thus give us more time. > Perhaps it might be a good idea to keep some continuity when the name > changes. When the chocolate bar "Raider" changed its name into the > international brand "Twixx" in Germany in the 80ies - they kept the > old local design for a while to keep continuity for the customers. A more recent example involves Vuze keeping their blue frog after renaming from Azureus. Valentin also seemed to support this idea, others in favor? Cheers, Emil > SIP Communicator is an excellent product that doesn't have to hide > its history "to make a fresh start". It has simply grown beyond it's > name. I always asked myself, why to start SIP Communicator to do > Jabber and MSN :slight_smile: > > Anyway. Jitsi sounds good to me. And it has no stupid conotations in > other languages - at least not in Spanish and my mother tongue > German. (remember the infamous Mitsubishi Pajero in Spain and Latin > America :slight_smile: ) > > I like the current logo, though I don't know what it is actually > supposed to mean - but with some fantasy it looks like a cloud of > smoke. Like signs of smoke used to transmit news back in the old > time... :slight_smile: > > Greetings Conrad > > -------- Original-Nachricht -------- >> Datum: Thu, 27 Jan 2011 19:23:50 +0200 Von: Emil Ivov >> <emcho@sip-communicator.org> An: Lee Sharp <leesharp@hal-pc.org> >> CC: dev@jitsi.java.net Betreff: [jitsi-dev] Re: First attempt at a >> new logo > >> Hey Lee, >> >> На 27.01.11 17:28, Lee Sharp написа: >>>> Simplicity is hence much more important than being able to >>>> guess what >> the project actually does. >>>> >>>> The same goes for the name. >>> >>> But a name is supposed to be something to help people easily >>> remember a person / place / concept. If it has no relevancy, it >>> might as well be some random characters on a keyboard. >> >> You mean like ... skype? >> >>> And that does not work for people... >> >> Well I don't know about that ... :slight_smile: >> >> Sorry, couldn't resist the joke :). The thing is that I'd really >> like to avoid debating the new name. Consider it set in stone. >> There is virtually no way everyone would like it, whatever it is >> and that was clear during the off-list exchanges we've had on the >> matter. >> >> Hence, the decision needed to be dictatorial and as such it is not >> subject to discussion :slight_smile: >> >>> [snip] >>> >>> Of course I still do not understand why the name is changing. >>> And this is after using Google and the website to try and find >>> out... >>> >>> [snip] >>> >>> Perhaps if someone can tell me the rational behind jitsi, and >>> what it means? Then I might be able to come up with a logo >>> concept that could be more relevant... >> >> >> Check this out: http://goo.gl/Y2nlA >> >>> I am just looking for a way to increase mindshare, which is what >>> I believe to be our biggest issue right now. >> >> Yup, agreed! >> >>> This is a hard project to find. I had been searching for months, >>> and I am technically inclined. I only found it via a private >>> e-mail from a contributer on a different list... >> >> Agreed again! >> >>> Right now I am thinking a logo of a kind of visual pun. A >>> styalized version of one of these vehicles, on the ocean... >>> http://www.travelblog.org/Photos/776766 >>> http://www.oldwoodies.com/img/bus/hawaiian_jitney.jpg >>> >> http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_qriyC0nEIDs/S8Ncpyt-NtI/AAAAAAAAByw/HAw4wGsDPxI/s1600/jitney.jpg >>> >> jit-sea... Yes, a tad tacky, but this is my first pass... >> >> Okay, thanks! Keep this coming guys, feedback is much appreciated! >> >>> Also, please understand that I am not trying to pitch a fit and >>> throw stones. I am trying to clearly define a issue I believe >>> the name has, and propose solutions to the project. I just want >>> to make sure I don't come off as a ranting madman, complaining >>> about everything. :slight_smile: >> >> Not at all Lee! I am grateful for your comments regardless of >> whether or not I agree with all of them. >> >> Cheers, Emil >> > -- Emil Ivov, Ph.D. 67000 Strasbourg, Project Lead France SIP Communicator emcho@sip-communicator.org PHONE: + http://sip-communicator.org FAX: +

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