Logitech webcam Issues

Hi all, Im completely new to Jitsi Meet but i have used Zoom before. When i try to start a meeting with Jitsi, I get a comment that says you havent given Jitsi permission to access your camera and microphone. When your browser asks please click allow.
The program then attempts to start but takes ages to load and basically locks up. I never see the option to allow permissions. After several minutes (15 -20) i may get an image on the screen but it is slow and jittery. If i move my image takes about 5 seconds to respond.
The webcam is a Logitech C270 and the laptop is a Toshiba C650D. I hope someone can help. Thanks

  1. Check your internet connection speed.
  2. Check your pc to speed up (uninstall unneeded software, disable unneeded startup services and software, clean browser cookies, permission)
  3. Try diferent web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, …)
  4. Try to connect from different pc (if you have)

If these tips don’t work, there’s always a solution :hammer::hammer_and_pick::pick:! :grinning:

Thanks for your help. I will certainly try those tips. Maybe not the last one though.