Login screen before Jitsi Meet Electron

we have a setup where authentication are handled by a proxy in front of the Jitsi server and that proxy creates jwt (it gets the authentication info from smart card and SAML). Here we only get a blank window in the Jitsi Meet Alectron app.
When the meeting are started participants that should not authenticate them self can join direct and here the JItsi Meet Electron app works.

Are there any way to let Jitsi Meet Electron app handle login pages? It have the same web address as the Jitsi web server.
If it is not possible rigth now - is it possible to add this feature to the existing code?


How are you opening the Electron app? It should be able to parse URl search parameters so passing ?jw=thetoken in the URL should do I think.

So we could do the login/auth in our normal page then take the meeting URL including JWT and open it in the Electron app?
Can that be automated? Deeplink or some other magic?


It can, via a deeplink indeed. The electron app supports the jitsi-meet:// URL scheme.

Thanks, it will take us some time but we will test this.