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What does do this login button? can it connect to the secure domain login

login button allows a user having connected anonymously to a secure domain to identify itself and become moderator without involving the meeting initiator…

I enable secure domain but when I click the login button it deosnt popup any modal

is your secure domain working at all ? you need a room created first correctly in the secure domain before an(other) anoytmous user can use the login button.

yeah it is working

well, it works for me. You are able to run 3-way conferences right ?

Thank you @gpatel-fr
what is the 3-way conferences ?

Conferences with 3 users who can see and talk to each other.

yeah i try. when i enable secure domain one can login. when others try to login. it desnt pop up login windows.

‘yeah I try’ is not fully clear in my opinion…What I mean is that the first user is prompted by a login window, logins successfully, and the 2 other users can connect anonymously and are able to see the moderator (first logged-in) and each other. Yes or no ?

I check file history seem they have removed some code. jitsi-meet/AuthHandler.js at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

yeah they can see the moderator. afrer anonymous users ca n login using login button from setting section

This is the expected behavior. What exactly is the issue you’re experiencing?

Do you use stable ? unstable ? which browser ? on PC? mobile ?

I am using chrome browser. i am using stable verision as well.
@Freddie. i enable secure domain. i can login using user name password as moderator. so other peoples can also login. when anonymous users go to the setting tab and select profile there is a login button. if antonymous user know username password can they log using it?

Yes they can. This is the expected behavior. If you somehow give anyone the login credentials, they can:

  1. Start a nw meeting
  2. Authenticate to access moderator privileges in an ongoing meeting

it is not working for me. Thank you response me

What is not working though? What exactly are you experiencing?

@Freddie login function is not working for anonymous users