Login in 8x8 Meet Android App does not work

Hi everybody,
I’m mainly using 8x8 Meet Pro as my standard jitsi conference tool. But there is a problem with the mobile app: the login does not work anymore. It redirects to this address: https://eight.auth0.com/android/com.eght.meetings/callback?code=zHxDy-q5vYM-jsSSau_lBcfjCK0Jy93IdyM9psZu8kjw8&state=4DbjIBlyxLpZLHeKcL71Q5YspR61MztrO1VeB4qPBNs - when it’s opened in the app and also in every browser I tried it with it says “Not found”.

Can you please fix it? A reinstall didn’t solve the problem.

Greetings, Christoph.

We recommend you use meet.jit.si and if you need a refund you can contact me via private msg.

I prefer using 8x8 Meet Pro as it has a german dial in number for phone participants.