Login fails on Android app

We have everything working here now, and started to test the Android app.
I’m running Jitsi Meet on Ubuntu with LDAP authentication.
It works flawlessly on web browsers. Both on site and off site.

However, on the Androids, users can connect as guests and meetings work, but if they try and create a meeting, it says “incorrect username or password”.

I checked prosody.log, jicofo.log and jvb.log and I don’t see anything related to this.

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I am surprised that it works so well for you because on my instance nothing works with Android phone (Jitsi meet 20.2.1). Actually trying a few public instances gives me the same result. Only clearing the server url (that is connecting to meet.jit.si) does allow to use the app.
There is also a Github issue although it does not provide the Android app version.
In short it seems the Android app is a bit unwell currently.

Good to know it’s not just me.
The other stuff is working brilliant. Fun times!