Log file about meetings

How can I obtain the log file of a meeting with nicknames of participants? Thank you very much

We do not print the nicknames in the browser console for privacy reasons. What is printed are the xmpp jids in the room.

thank you for your fast answer to my question. Ok for privacy reasons, but I need this log file to validate the presence of students in my online course. Can you help me? my email address is stefanopetrarca@alice.it if you need privacy in communication. Thank you again

I don’t understand. Privacy reasons, I mean, we do not print the names of people in the logs of the browser, so they are not stored somewhere.

You can do the validation by opening the speaker stats and checking who joined and their display names, and the time they talked.

If you want something custom, you can always use the iframeAPI and listen for participants joining and extract their display name and do storage that fits your needs.