Log Based Room Monitoring

Hello all,

since the last bigger jitsi-meet update the tool jitsihawk, which I used until then, stopped working and seems to be no longer developed.
Therefore I started coding on a similar tool to get an overview of open rooms on your jitsi-meet server.
I’ll leave you the link to my github project here. You can check it out if you want to.


Are you sure this works properly?? It here was another post about room tool from log monitoring written in c perhaps that was having lots of issue with changing updates.

I tested it a couple times on my jitsi server and it’s seems to run fine.
It might have problems when the room was opened on the previous day, because it doesnt read out information of the archived log files.

As long as the loggings expressions don’t change I don’t see a problem when updating jitsi.
Please consider that this is my first published tool. I’m open for feedback tho :slight_smile: