Locking Conference Creation add more user no work

I created a Locking Conference, everything works fine with the first user I entered,
but if I want to enable a second user using the command

sudo prosodyctl register user your_domain password

when I try to login with the data of the second user it always tells me that the password is wrong,
I tried to insert it several times, but problem still.
any suggestions ?
maybe it is possible to enable only one user as a host?
if it is not possible to add other users as host, how can I delete the first user I entered and create a new one?

Make sure you’re indeed registering to the right domain and you’re using the right password for the user when trying to sign-in. There is nothing that limits the number of users you can register.

To un-register a user, use the following command:

sudo prosodyctl deluser user@domain.com