Locked out of my own meeting

I installed a Jitsi meet instance on my desktop PC. I use the same meeting room to conduct consultations. This PC is in for repair so I’ve been just logging into this meeting room on my laptop, which runs Windows. However, I’m now locked out of this meeting room unless I enter a password. I never set a password for this meeting room. Is there anything I can do to unlock it or will I need to set up a new meeting room? That would be a giant pain as all my clients are used to using the current one.

Are you hosting your meeting on meet.jit.si or on your own server? I’m a bit confused.

On my own server, ordinarily. My meeting room is Jitsi Meet. Up until yesterday, I was able to enter this meeting room just by typing in the URL. Now when I try to enter the meeting room, I’m prompted to enter a password.

That’s not your private server, that’s a meeting hosted on the free server at meet.jit.si.

Unfortunately, it looks like someone else might have used the same meeting name and added a password. To prevent something like this, it’s best to choose unique meeting names that are hard to guess.

Try this, if you still want to keep the name close to what you’ve been using (you can change the last bit to anything you want, just make sure it’s hard to guess):


Better yet, get yourself a moderated meeting, so only you are the moderator: https://moderated.jitsi.net/

As mentioned, I normally run Jitsi as an instance, on my desktop. That screenshot is from my laptop, which I can’t install a Jitsi instance on, so I was joining the meeting room from the free server.
I had to exit the meeting room due to a connection issue, and it was only when I tried to re-enter that I was greeted by this msg that I needed to enter a password.

Thanks for the suggestion. It looks like the meeting link for moderated meetings can’t be customised. Is there any way around this?

No, there isn’t.