Localrecording feature

Yes I am using chrome browser.

Check the browser console logs.

Don’t forget to clear the cache

I am receiving this error in console:

Uncaught (in promise) ChunkLoadError: Loading chunk 4736 failed.
(error: https://unpkg.com/@jitsi/excalidraw@0.0.11/dist/excalidraw-assets/vendor-72035408b91d1da4ac31.js)
at c.f.j (excalidraw.production.min.js:2:830767)
at excalidraw.production.min.js:2:826224
at Array.reduce ()
at e.exports.c.e (excalidraw.production.min.js:2:826191)
at 1393 (excalidraw.production.min.js:2:631768)
at c (excalidraw.production.min.js:2:825341)
at 5523 (excalidraw.production.min.js:2:637763)
at c (excalidraw.production.min.js:2:825341)
at 4162 (excalidraw.production.min.js:2:785099)
at c (excalidraw.production.min.js:2:825341)
at 6665 (excalidraw.production.min.js:2:307440)
at c (excalidraw.production.min.js:2:825341)
at 8644 (excalidraw.production.min.js:2:327016)
at c (excalidraw.production.min.js:2:825341)
at 1319 (excalidraw.production.min.js:2:565439)
at c (excalidraw.production.min.js:2:825341)
at 828 (excalidraw.production.min.js:2:267154)
at c (excalidraw.production.min.js:2:825341)
at 5118 (excalidraw.production.min.js:2:694103)
at c (excalidraw.production.min.js:2:825341)
at excalidraw.production.min.js:2:833076
at excalidraw.production.min.js:2:831411
at 1957 (excalidraw.production.min.js:2:346)
at webpack_require (bootstrap:19:32)
at 4530 (main.js:2:20)
at webpack_require (bootstrap:19:32)
at 5074 (StageParticipantNameLabel.tsx:45:16)
at webpack_require (bootstrap:19:32)
at startup:4:27
at startup:4:47

this error comes on my 16 GB system also because of whiteboard. But I don’t think so it is related with local recording and noise suppression.

I’ve seen this error before when window.EXCALIDRAW_ASSET_PATH is not set. But that should not affect localrecording or noise suppression.

THis is set by us automatically on index.html. Are you modifying that file in any way?

Yes, I was using previous version of index file, but after updating it with new one this “excalidraw” error has gone.

Hi @saghul and @emrah … I am not receiving any error in my browser console related to noise suppression and local recording and still I am not able to see these options in more option menu on my 8 GB RAM system. so is there any dependency of RAM to show these 2 options on more option menu.

Is there any error even it’s unrelated?

I am receiving errors but not related with it.

Did you set a custom port for your Jitsi instead of TCP/443?

Aer you asking for nginx custom port at path etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default … yes here I am using 8090.

I’m asking if there is a custom port in your Jitsi address while accessing it through the browser.

can you help me where can I find that address. (like in which file). I am using jitsi docker also (so are you asking for .env file).

The address which you write to the browser’s address bar…

no in that address bar I am not passing any custom port.There I pass url(www.myApplicationName/room-key/jwt).

does local recording and noise suppression have any dependency on Ubuntu versions. since I am using 8GB RAM and ubuntu 18.04.

No. Local recordings only has client side limitations, as in, it only work in Chrome. And noise suppression depends on WASM being available in the browser, which is usually the case. There might be cases in which WASM can be broken due to an incorrect web server config, but you should see errors about it in the JS console.

does these two depend on prosody version also… ??