Localrecording feature with iframe apis not working

I’ve a custom jitsi server running and I’m trying to integrate it with my web application. I’m referring to the documentation at IFrame API · Jitsi Meet Handbook which should allow me to record the session on frontend.

Here is some part of code

api.executeCommand('startRecording', { mode: 'file', //recording mode, either `file` or `stream`. shouldShare: true });

Maybe give details what exactly is not working?
Have you installed jibri? Which versions you use? Are you able to record through jitsi-meet or it is just the API that does not work? Are there any js console errors?

I have not installed Jibri. Because I really don’t need that. I just want the session to be recorded on the users browser in a file which gets downloaded at the end of the session. With my implementation Im able to see if working using the button “Local Recording Controls” inside the iframe. Now, i plan to build own GUI for the session and hence need apis to handle all the actions and events. For the same I referred the documentation at IFrame API · Jitsi Meet Handbook, which too is working fine for most of the actions and events. But using the same api the function/command startRecording is not working. It simply says “Recording failed to start”. Also can you point me to where I can look for logs( the ones in browser console are not helpful)

There is no such feature.

The local recording, I’m not sure that is available through iframe API, but it is only for audio and records only local audio.

To fix it, you need to install and have at least one Jibri in your deployment.

Alright! So correct me if I’ve misinterpreted. From my understanding of Jibri and my efforts to install Jibri I figured Jibri would support only one instance of recording at a time. My requirements would expect my deployment to handle multiple live streams at once. So my question here is, will the jibri installation be able to handle multiple live streams at once ? without me expecting jibri to record the live streams.

Each jibri instance can record or stream only one session. If you have many concurrent sessions then you need more jibri instances