Local WiFi Jitsi server

I want to set up a Jitsi server on a local WiFi network using an old router. My neighbors could then join for a social space, classes for children, devotions, anything else that might be useful, without having internet connection themselves. Some of them likely do not have desktop/laptop and only android phones.

When I set up Jitsi in the past providing a domain name seems like an important part, is it possible without? Or is there a way to use a domain name locally? I am new to network admin and all of this, but I think it could really help our community during these difficult times.

  1. Is this setup possible?

  2. Is it possible to use a domain name locally?

  3. What extra steps would I have to take to achieve this configuration?

Thanks so much!

The domain name can be an ip.
You can put the IP of the server inside the router, anyone who is inside the router can acces by typeing the ip in their browser.
I hope this can help you.

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while a video server on a new fangled gigabit wifi network could be doable, if it’s with an ‘old router’ it’s probably a more limited wifi and as such results would be disappointing

Android phones will probably refuse to connect to not official domains

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I can switch out my new fangled gigabit wifi and use that for this project, and use my old router for personal use.

Is there no workaround for making the meetings accessible to android phones?

Thanks for the replies.